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Thales TTT turntable with Simplicity II tonearm. 3 years old .. with original packaging. Beautifully engineered and £9000 -- .. understated turntable design.

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of site under the platter. Thales philosophy is not only to find theoretical .. perfect solutions but also to realize them in the most precise way and achieve
It all began when Micha Huber CEO of Thales Tonear It all began when Micha .. Huber CEO of Thales Tonearm sought for a way to combine the advantages of a .. conventional pivoted tonearm and those of a linear tangential pick-up arm. The
Thales-Slim II, Easy Tonearm and EMT HSD006 .. [DEL:£11,875.00:DEL] [INS:£5,995.00:INS] Read more .. Offer
Thales Tonarm .. Thorens .. Valvet

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Thales .. Novafidelity .. ZYX