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Fully balanced, studio design, purist headphone amplifier .. £525.00

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Woody Guthrie and Blues Legends, Clearest Connection to Dylan's Purist Folk .. Roots .. Made when mono was still king, Bob Dylan's self-titled 1962 debut is as
a sophisticated hybrid of jfets with valve technology. The MCJ3 is a purist .. design, dedicated to its singular task; amplifying MC cartridges with 64dB of .. gain.

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FOR THE PURIST .. NVA is the British hi-fi company founded in 1982 by world renowned designer .. Richard Dunn. Our ethos is refreshingly clear... the simplest possible

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Purist Audio Design .. November 7, 2022
Purist audio design Jade .. September 3, 2023 .. IAS Beaulieu 40R loudspeakers Reimagined
Purist Audio Design .. Interconnects

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Purist Audio design Corvus (ex-demo) UK HMF Solutions £1,173 Mar 2, 2021 .. UK HMF Solutions .. ex demo @ HMF Solutions

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One of the best amplifiers we have come across in many years. A purist design .. from the highly respected German manufacturer. Exceptional build quality, high .. spec components used throughout, all sourced in Germany. Amongst the highest

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Purist (PAD) .. 114 Dominus Rev.C Power Cables €1399.00 Germany Nov 20, 2023 .. Hi-End AC Power
Purist Audio .. Design (PAD) Digital .. 150 Dominus Cables €899.00 Germany Nov 14, 2023