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Each model in Boenicke Audio’s W family of speakers shares the same .. intrinsic DNA and construction using only the finest natural components. .. The ‘W’ designates solid wood and each model is available in a variety of
At Boenicke Audio, coming very close to the original sound is not an illusion .. or pipe dream. It’s an achievable goal and actual promise to our customers. And .. even though we have already achieved this goal, we won’t stop working on an
only valid reference to ensure the tuning and sonic balance of all Boenicke .. products. From time to time we demonstrate this process to interested parties. .. In 2010 during a Vienna show exhibit for example, we performed live music and
Each Boenicke speaker in its development stage is fine-tuned with his own .. recordings. The same holds true for our electronics, cables and power .. distribution solutions. Sven uses his recall of the concert hall reality as the
CNC-milled enclosures, they’d be quickly disabused of that notion. Boenicke .. enclosures very clearly are not designed to act as resonating bodies. On the .. contrary, we try to make our enclosures as solid and non-resonant as possible.
many other reasons why Boenicke Audio speakers are truly unique .. and exceptional. We are one of less than a handful of companies who build their .. loudspeakers from solid wood. There is much Internet gossip that solid wood
deeply convinced that Boenicke Audio is its leader and only true contender. .. Sven Boenicke, founder, head and owner of Boenicke Audio, performs the acoustic .. design of everything we sell. That’s what brings it all to life with one
of living based on accurate perceptions. In short, Boenicke absolutely couldn’t .. bring themselves to sell you another loudspeaker in this first category of .. me-too MDF boxes.
Boenicke Audio’s goal and deepest wish is to conceive of, design, build and .. then market products which do it all the other way. They are determined to .. create products that far exceed what meets the eye, which reflect an honest way
and the main reason Boenicke believe why in so many ways, the hifi market has .. become so cookie-cutter impersonal. .. This paint-by-numbers protocol without real passion leads to a situation where
20,000 worldwide!), Boenicke have closely scrutinised each of their products by .. asking of themselves,”does anyone really need this?” So they have grown .. Boenicke Audio slowly organically. They don’t focus on number of sales but
to ensure the tuning and sonic balance of every BOENICKE product is life-like. .. [8Channel_Recording_with_Samplitude-600x400] .. Against the overwhelming number of brands in today’s hifi market (some say
Boenicke Audio’s goal was simple yet ambitious: To build beautiful loudspeakers .. that bring the experience of the live musical performance to your home. .. [8Kanal_Mic_Vorstufe_AD_Wandler_mit_Batterieversorgung-600x400]
“…highly recommend the Boenicke Audio W5… these are the most impressive small .. speakers I’ve heard in a long, long while.” .. SUJESH PAVITHRAN, AUDIOFI.NET
Expect the usual Boenicke soundstaging as breathtaking as any vast landscape, a .. liquid midrange, accurate tone and harmonics which combine to connect you to .. your music in a way that defies what you thought possible.
top end emanates from our 3’’widebander made to spec just for Boenicke Audio. .. The ambient rear tweeter complements the main drive units and augmented .. by premium silk-wrapped Litz hookup wiring and WBT NextGen binding posts, this
Boenicke W5 in Walnut, ex demo complete with stands. .. I don’t have the boxes for these, but they will be professionally packed and .. insured for shipping.
Boenicke W5 loudspeaker exdem .. £3,200.00 .. Boenicke Audio W5, walnut, ex dem.
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Boenicke Audio .. EMT .. Hana Cartridges
Boenicke W5 loudspeaker exdem .. £3,200.00 Read more .. JERN 11 Ex Demo [SOLD]
Boenicke W5 loudspeaker exdem .. £3,200.00 Read more .. Offer

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