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Ayon Black Arrow S speakers retail $24,000 £4800 .. SONUS FABER CONCERTO DOMUS LOUDSPEAKER ONE ONLY - £300 .. speaker stands 58cm tall top plate 27 x 12.5cm £40
AYON S5 XS two box network player/ streamer Dac valve preamp £6250 .. Entreq Challenger powerus 6 way power block with fancy furutech mains plug .. £1000
AYON Triton III with kt150s integrated 125 watt valve amp retail 11k £5000 .. LFD Mistral mkVI integrated amp with internal phonostage, £1700 .. Trilogy audio 903 preamp with 993 power amp ( retail £13500) £7750
AYON Scorpio with kt88s integrated 70 watt valve amp retail 11k £2200 .. AUDIONOTE KIT 3 valve monoblocks, PARALLEL SINGLE ENDED 300B TRIODES £2950 .. AYON SPITFIRE INTEGRATED £5000

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especially after dark. The Ayon Audio Spirit V becomes one of the family.Call .. for more info, or to audition, or if you want to discuss what The Hifi Gallery .. can do for you, please contact us on 01592 859163 or
of amplifiers, the Ayon Spirit V is one amplifier that always performs, it .. doesn’t matter which speakers you add, or what type of music, this is a foot .. tapping machine, it just engages you in the music, pulls you in, leaves you
beguiling Spirit V from Ayon with the impressive Elba 2 from Italy’s Rosso .. Fiorentino, you would think they have been made for each other, the customer .. came in to demo and amp, and now wants to change his speakers too, this easily
although I have been playing them with the enchanting Ayon Spirit SE single .. ended KT88, pure magic, especially with a glass or two of the amber .. nectar. Then please call for more info, or to audition, or if you want to
with the Ayon Audio Spirit SE KT88, 12 watts of pure magic, this combo is not .. for those wanting gut wrenching bass, or bombastic air guitar, this is for the .. person who loves LS3/5A but wants more refinement, who wants to be absorbed in
Ayon Audio .. Boenicke Audio .. EMT

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Ayon Audio HA-3 Mk2 Headphone Amplifier .. £2,250.00 .. [IMG_5636-300x225] Add to basket

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Aesthetix, Audeze, Aurender, Ayon Audio, Audio Research, Boulder, Burmester, .. Brinkmann, Bricasti, CH Precision, Chord, Constellation Audio, Dan D’Agostino, .. Esoteric, FM Acoustics, Gamut, Goldmund, Gryphon Audio, HRS, Harmonic
Ayon Auris II Balanced Signature preamp .. [DEL:£12,000.00:DEL] [INS:£7,995.00:INS] .. [29A7AC04-0C42-4ECC-89A0-DBD8984D3D7B-scaled]
Ayon CD-T II Signature CD transport .. [DEL:£7,995.00:DEL] [INS:£4,995.00:INS] .. [9507C9EE-0684-4B78-8B7C-700E061DC049-scaled]
Ayon Audio S-10 MKII Signature valve streamer/preamp .. [DEL:£8,500.00:DEL] [INS:£5,495.00:INS] .. Select HiFi Items
Ayon CD-T II Signature CD transport .. [DEL:£7,995.00:DEL] [INS:£4,995.00:INS] .. [1-6]
Ayon Auris II Balanced Signature preamp .. [DEL:£12,000.00:DEL] [INS:£7,995.00:INS] .. [9F451396-9935-4F30-B30F-57639AB86E73-scaled]